Damsterplein Groningen Netherlands
During Eurosonic 2016 Wednesday to Friday.

To be as fuel efficient as possible

Most outdoor events consume a huge amount of diesel and often this is unnecessary. How can festivals optimize their energy provisioning in order to save diesel and the environment in 2016?

Powerfest is a collaborative between different companies in the event industry. During Eurosonic we aim to be as fuel efficient as possible and inspire festival organizers to improve their energy consumption.

Matching supply and demand

First of all we need to know what kind of equipment is used. The more details we have the better we can match the supply and demand.

Efficient energy provisioning

Secondly we need the most efficient energy supply. The generators on the Damsterplein are equipped with smart power management, always running on the highest efficiency.


Finally it is crucial to know how the energy demand has been during the event. By monitoring and visualizing the energy demand we can come up with more efficient solutions, saving up to 40% on diesel consumption during upcoming editions.

Innofest & Eurosonic

A festival is a temporary city. And because it is rebuild every year it offers the opportunity to experiment with new technologies. Additionally festivals bring people with different backgrounds together, making it the perfect place for collaborations and the sharing of knowledge. The project Innofest – Festival Driven Innovation offers a variety of festivals within the north of The Netherlands to test, develop and present innovative technologies.

Eurosonic acknowledges the importance of stimulating innovation. Within that perspective they co-initiated Innofest and the Powerfest project during Eurosonic 2016.

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